Aw Roofing Ltd


Project portfolio

  • Below you can see examples of our work. Over the coming months this will be populated with more and more jobs as we complete current projects. We have undertaken some big jobs and you can see the results for yourself below. All these pictures were taken by myself on site at jobs.
  • Belmont Project

    Belmont Project is one of our more recent jobs and this was carried out during the harsh weather in March. The owner an old aged pensioner was caught out by the cold snap and we were on hand to ensure this job was completed to the highest standard to ensure the warmth and safety of the tenant.

  • Solar panel insulation

    Solar energy products complement our insulated roof and wall panels and can be easily integrated into any building project. This project was to install pre-manifactured solar panels and we installed this on to the roof of the property. Please Contact us to find out more about how you can start saving on your energy bills and consumption.

  • Flat Roof Installation

    This is just one of our flat roof insulations we have done, this project also included a waterproof layer placed directly onto the roof deck and the insulation inside the roof, just above the ceiling and the this was installed to the highest possible standards. Why not call us today to start the repairs on your roof and join our many other happy customers.